The RUSH SR is our entry level race car, but don’t let its size, 1000cc engine or its price let you think for a second that this is not a high-performance race car!

With a power to weight ratio of 375 Hp/MT the performance is close to a GT-3 Cup Car! Oh, and the sound is amazing!


The RUSH SR-1 is a purpose designed race car that has been fully developed as a new Spec Series Sport Racer, to provide our customers with a high performance yet afford­ able to own platform. The car is delivered completely built, with the body in white and black primer, ready for you to paint or wrap in your livery and take to the track.

The base car includes a manual shift system, and everything required to allow you to run the car. For our race series we have 2 upgrade packages that include additional safety equipment, our racing aero package, light package and our additional side anti-intrusion system. The second race package also includes our pneumatic paddle shift system with on board compressor, air reservoir, shift and autoblip actuators and our bespoke GCU (Gear Control Unit).

While some customers opt for the manual shift, due to personal preference, the paddle shift system increases the RUSH SR-l’s on track performance allowing no lift shift and clutchless down shifts.

The RUSH SR is built in our 18,000 SF facility facility in Houston, Texas. Our location makes distribution of spares through the Americas simple. The design of the car has also ensured there is not a single panel in the fiberglass body that cannot be boxed and shipped UPS



  • NEW! GSXS 1 Liter Inline Four, Dyno tested & sealed!
  • 145 WHP with 11,600 rpm rev limit
  • RAW ECU with FT RAW Flash
  • SS Headers with x-over and dual silencers


  • 6-speed manual sequential gearbox, paddle shift option
  • RUSH final drive with adjustable LSD
  • Adjustable final drive ratios to suit track configuration


  • Fully adjustable RAW suspension system with front and rear unequal length a-arms,
  • Billet aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and toe
  • Adjustable sway bars front and rear
  • Two-way adjustable RUSH Shock with changeable spring rates


  • RUSH 4 piston Billet calipers front and rear, clamping 274 x 25mm floating 26-vane disk brakes
  • Dash mounted brake bias adjustment


  • RAW 13″ x 7″ & 13″ x 8.5″ Aluminum Race Wheels, Black Finished,
  • Fitted w/ Nankang AR-1 Front & Rear Tires


  • Length: 3325 mm
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Height: 990 mm
  • Weight: 950lb (1100lb in race trim)


  • TIG Welded primary space frame structure. 1 1/2” SQR Section 4130 primaty tubing with Ducol R8 1 ¼ Round Cross Bracing
  • Dual 1 ¾” Ducol R* primary rollbar system
  • Composite Tegris anti intrusion panels
  • Front Aluminum crash box and rear crash structure
  • 5 Gal FIA FT-3 Certified Fuel Cell


  • GRP Body panels, under floor and rear diffuser
  • Front and rear quick connect multipiece clam shells with aerocatch primary attachment


  • Shown with Optional:
    • Optional AIM MXS 1.2 Logger Dash
    • Carbon Fibre LMP Style
    • Pneumatic paddle shifter system

The History of Rush

RUSH Auto Works Inc. founded in late 2017, as a subsidiary of DAMZ Inc., to develop, market, and produce affordable, high-performance race and track-day cars. The company ethos is simply that, every vehicle we build will be a rush to drive, Guaranteed!

Beyond this, we have a vision that high-performance motorsport has reached such stratospheric pricing that the normal man simply can’t afford to get in. Our first car the RUSH SR-1 has been designed from the ground up to address that issue. It provides an affordable platform and yet exudes technology and performance typically found in vehicles costing three to ten times as much.

Company founder, David Hosie, has applied his 35 years of product design, manufacturing, and development knowledge to the design of the car to allow volume manufacturing of the car at a low cost, permitting the car to be sold at a highly competitive price point. The design has been optimized for production, reliability, and longevity to not only keep the cost of the car down but to also ensure that our customers also enjoy an operating cost significantly below that of our primary competitors.

The RUSH Auto Works facility, located on the West side of Houston, is in a 17,500 sq ft unit where we have our own 5 Axis CNC machines for machining of body plugs, composite manufacturing facilities, and in house chassis fabrication facilities.

While the chassis and mechanical system design are led by David, our product line vision is the creation of our Chief Designer and Stylist, Michael Young. Michael is responsible for the conceptual styling of the SR-1, the GT-R, GT-S, and our other Powersports products currently under conceptual development. Michael’s work in the past has included design and styling projects for Sector 111, Palatov Motorsport, and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus! The design essence of our entire range of cars incorporates a modern “GT Prototype” style consistent with the direction being taken by the WEC for future prototype, endurance race cars.