Service and Maintenance

From trackside support to driver coaching, Turn 17 Garage is conveniently located at Rocky Mountain Motorsports and is the exclusive On-track provider of motorsport services to members and track day enthusiasts..

Driver Coach, Pit Crew, Race Engineer.

Trackside support services from Turn 17 Garage put the collective knowledge and handiwork of seasoned experts at your back. We bring all the tools, equipment, and manpower you need trackside so that you can focus on what you came for: driving.

Services range from tire rotation and minor tuning to full setup changes. We can keep your vehicle running strong during track visits, races, or events with the support you need most.

Driver Coaching

The more you know the FASTER you go!

Turn 17 provides the ultimate driver coaching service for enthusiastic amateur racers or aspiring champions who wish to take their performance to the next level. Our coaching delivers the necessary technical knowledge, training, and advice to dramatically improve your results on the racetrack. A highly skilled and experienced team of coaches assesses a driver’s current ability and provides a tailored coaching program to ensure drivers perform to their true potential come race day.

Drive smarter, faster, and have more fun with Turn 17 Race Car Driver Coaching.

  • Data and Video Analysis
  • AIM SOLO DL rentals and analysis

Concierge Services

Arrive & Drive Concierge services offers you the luxury of not having to spend even the tiniest bit of effort to enjoy your sportscar during your free time. You get:

  • storage,
  • maintenance,
  • tuning, and
  • track day preparations.

You can arrive at the track with your vehicle fully gassed, warmed up, tuned, and ready for you to spend the day hot lapping.

To maintain performance and reliability, race cars require regular ongoing maintenance to keep them in top trim, Turn 17’s Track Side garage is equipped to provide:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Suspension consultations
  • Driveline diagnostics
  • Alignment
  • Bodywork and contact damage repairs
  • Scheduled routine maintenance

Each Rush Race cars maintenance and support is fully documented so you always know the status of your vehicle, the potential issues, and any upcoming servicing requirements.